The MedCompass Approach: Comprehensive Care Management

Care management typically involves a team-based, patient-centered approach to healthcare assisting patients with managing medical conditions. Here is an example of two approaches to the simple care management task of a woman named Sarah for a Breast Cancer Screen.

MedCompass Comprehensive Care Management comparison chart.

In the scenario above, Naomi uses MedCompass to take a truly patient centric approach to Care Management to improve care delivery. Current platforms only allow for narrow task and metric oriented care management practices to fulfill their bare minimum requirements. MedCompass presents all the critical information related to standards of care, a patient’s individual health conditions and risks, and relevant social determinants of health. During a single phone visit, Naomi not only completed her task to schedule Sarah for a Breast Cancer Screen, but also identified critical gaps in care that effectively prevented negative health outcomes. Naomi focused on what was most beneficial for Sarah’s health, while saving time and money for all stakeholders involved. Hence, this holistic view of a member on the MedCompass platform holds unparalleled value.