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MedCompass® | Population Health Management Software

Case Management & Utilization Management Software to Help You Navigate Change

Today’s turbulent healthcare environment demands population health management software that allows you to react and adapt quickly to change. MedCompass® is a fully integrated, outcome-driven solution that allows you to improve patient experience and quality of care and reduce costs to achieve the Triple Aim, while also enhancing the work life of healthcare providers.

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MedCompass® Puts You in Control

Effective population care management software can directly and positively affect the social and financial health of the country and its people. That’s why we have developed a solution that puts you in control.

Too often care management software has rigid designs and limited ability to adapt to your processes. Our interoperable software integrates seamlessly with new and existing third-party systems for optimal care coordination. Out of the box and inherent in MedCompass’® architecture is an unprecedented flexibility, configurability and extensibility that will position your organization to stay in front of the accelerating pace of change.

Our technology facilitates proactive Medical Case Management software and Utilization Management software using a fully integrated database of member and provider information—coordinating all interactions using collaborative workflow management and business rules automation. MedCompass® supports real-time communication and coordination of care among all members of the care team, inside and outside the four walls of traditional healthcare settings.

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MedCompass® Software Platform Highlights

Utilization Management icon

Utilization Management Software Module

Ensure clinically sound processes and respect patient and provider rights with access to nationally recognized clinical standards and guidelines, URAC-suggested quality data collection tools and customizable assessment solutions. Utilization Management (UM) features include: Prior Authorizations, Appeals & Grievances, Expense Management, and Treatment Management.

Case Management icon

Case Management Software Module

Assess, coordinate, facilitate, and manage a member’s use of health and social services that meet individual health needs and promote high-quality, cost-effective outcomes. Case Management (CM) features include: Programs, Assessments, Care Plans, Service Plans, and Referrals.

Disease Management icon

Disease Management Software Module

Identify, stratify, and engage patient populations and high-risk members to develop collaborative, evidence-based care plans. Track member progress and engage and educate through automated documentation and letter generation and delivery.

Medication Therapy Management icon

Pharmacy MTM Services Software Module

Manage Medicare Part D eligible patients taking multiple medications to decrease chances of medication mismanagement and increase monetary returns. Use streamlined workflows to expedite tedious processes for pharmacies performing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services such as Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR), Targeted Medication Reviews (TMR), and Drug Utilization Reviews.

Performance Reporting icon

Evidence-based Predictive Analytics Reporting

Capture and assess real-time business intelligence with integrated reporting tools that allow you to design your own analysis and create ad hoc and standard reports. Use data to raise awareness of evidence-based practices, improve quality of care to maintain reputation and market share, and to serve as basis for incentives.

Virtual/Telehealth icon


Meet the demand for digital health with MedCompass’ virtual care. Telehealth technology allows your organization to provide point-of-care solutions while saving time and money for patients and practitioners. MedCompass’ virtual health meets all security standards and regulations so your patients and your organization are fully protected.

HIPAA Electronic Record icon

HIPAA Electronic Record

Extensive, customizable, and multi-dimensional security and confidentiality features that exceed the most stringent requirements for implementation and management of role-based access. MedCompass® is fully compliant with HIPAA Electronic Data Interchange Rules.

Referrals icon


Facilitate payer-provider collaboration and reduce administration and related costs with the automation and approval of referral requests, which integrate into providers’ existing workflows.

Health Assessments icon

Health Assessments

Claim ownership of your assessments and surveys using MedCompass’® industry leading assessments configuration tool. The powerful engine will automate a full comprehensive care plan that can be tailored by a case manager.

Pro-Active Care Planning icon

Pro-Active Care Planning

Move towards coordinated, evidence-based healthcare management using data collected from across the continuum of care and create proactive care plans that improve quality, reduce costs, and achieve desired outcomes.

How Can MedCompass® help you?

MedCompass® combines “best-in-class” functionality and technology to help you stay ahead of rapidly changing healthcare requirements driven by healthcare reform.

With MedCompass® you are ready for today’s challenges and opportunities and prepared for tomorrow’s innovations and demands. You are also ready to effectively address two of the greatest concerns today: quality and cost, while taking population health management beyond the data to focus on improving care for the individual and for populations.

The population care management software platform enables organizations to streamline appeal management to reduce fraud, abuse, and waste. Medical Case Management software and Utilization Management software rapidly configure automated workflows allowing the care team to respond quicker and more effectively to their population.

Effectively address two of the greatest concerns: quality and cost.

Effectively Manage Your Health Population



Designed with the User in Mind

For any care management software to be effective, it has to meet the needs of those who will use it. MedCompass® was designed with an enhanced user interface that reduces the learning curve and improves user adoption rates. As a web-based system, users can access MedCompass® from any web-enabled device. Future generations of MedCompass® will allow mobile users to fully leverage smartphones and other mobile technology.



Optimizes Efficient Use of Resources

MedCompass® eliminates your team’s reliance on pen and paper. Automated workflows and core processes speed transactions and make referrals to any member of the care team effortless. Follow-up tasks are flagged in a Task Log, providing more efficient time management. Clinical Case Management software streamlines treatment plans and outcomes management to allow caregivers to focus their attention on delivering better care.



Converting Data into Meaningful, Actionable Information

MedCompass® is an analysis and reporting engine that converts data into meaningful, actionable information. MedCompass® delivers browser-based analytics that care teams can quickly learn and use to improve performance, promote early enrollment in Clinical Case Management and Disease Management, identify treatment risks and opportunities, and deliver more personalized care. Enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities allow you to identify areas that need improvement so you can advance your operations and deliver desired outcomes.



HIPAA Privacy and Security Transactions

Security is a top priority in MedCompass®. We approach privacy and security with extensive, customizable, and confidentiality features that ensure full HIPAA compliance. Integrated security meets industry security requirements and is enforced at multiple levels of the software, from the database and user interface profiles to business rules. MedCompass® is fully compliant with the HIPAA Electronic Data Interchange Rules, ICD-9, ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 message standards for payer and provider electronic transactions.



Evidence-based Best Practices

MedCompass® helps your care teams adhere to evidence-based best practice guidelines from industry experts, healthcare quality organizations, and medical authorities. Our platform supports your focus on evidence-informed clinical practice and policy decision-making through the collection and interpretation of high-quality patient data from across the continuum of care.



Innovation for Today and Tomorrow

MedCompass® is web-based care management software that enables the flow of information to improve quality of care and population health. MedCompass® can be accessed from anywhere and also allows caregivers and medical professionals operating in remote locations to use the application offline. Our technology helps you to overcome today’s challenges and be prepared for future market conditions and next generation computing environments.



Compliance with Government and Industry Standards and Quality Measures

MedCompass® supports your organization’s performance according to government and industry standards such as NCQA and URAC. Integrated features provide you the means to demonstrate adherence to standards, outcomes of quality initiatives and treatment plans, and evidence documentation for accreditation visits. Compliance measures such as HEDIS can be incorporated into assessment tools, program documentation, or other areas of the system. Time tracking, appeal management and access to online, evidence based, best practice clinical guidelines are just a few of the ways MedCompass® improves compliance to standards and consistency of practice across your care team.



Seamless Integration with other Healthcare Systems

MedCompass® is built for seamless systems integration with third-party systems, as well as industry standard criteria and clinical data repositories. We developed our care management software to be fully configurable with open modularity allowing for greater interoperability between existing and new systems. As Quality Health Plans (QHP) are driven to standardized accreditation for participation in the Affordable Insurance Exchanges, MedCompass® provides the integrated platform to deliver efficient access to actionable data from across the continuum of care.

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