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2018 April Newsletter: Care Management

Monthly Healthcare Buzz…

Walmart considers buying Humana, a health insurer with a recent valuation of $37 billion. Preliminary talks have been held exploring the possibility of a combination or merger.

Medicare launched a Diabetes Prevention Program April 1st to address one of the most costly and common medical conditions in the U.S. Community organizations will be running the program, but they are hesitant to adopt the program due to contracting requirements. An early version of a CDC diabetes program resulted in participants being 58% less likely to develop diabetes than the placebo group.

Researchers from the London School of Economics and Harvard University found that the U.S spends twice as much on medical care as compared to 11 high-income countries. Utilization rates, though, were relatively similar. Pharmaceutical and labor rates contribute to America’s high healthcare costs. (Infographic).

Senators urge the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to lower the price for naloxone used to reverse opioid overdoses. 115 people are estimated to die per day of an opioid overdose and it is argued cheaper prices would make the reversal drug more accessible for governmental units.

Scientists find a DNA structure, known as an i-motif, in human cells. The structure resembles a twisted know and was originally believed to only occur when a cytosine-rich region of DNA is in acidic conditions that don’t exist in a cell. Researchers have since found the i-motif can form in extremely crowded environments that are possible in a cell.

The MedCompass Approach: Comprehensive Care Management

Care management typically involves a team-based, patient-centered approach to healthcare assisting patients with managing medical conditions. Here is an example of two approaches to the simple care management task of a woman named Sarah for a Breast Cancer Screen.

MedCompass Comprehensive Care Management comparison chart.