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Man delivering healthy food to highlight determinants of health.

Monthly Healthcare Buzz…


The healthcare industry is focusing more on keeping patients healthy instead of waiting to treat them after they become sick. Some insurers are paying for healthy meal deliveries or rides to fitness centers to promote healthy habits and prevent illness. Insurers cover about 20% of meals prepared by Community Servings, while four years ago no insurers covered meals.

The F.D.A. approved a drug to treat smallpox, a move that could stop a pandemic should the virus be released as a terrorist bioweapon or in a laboratory accident. The pill, known as Tpoxx, has not been tested on humans infected with smallpox since the disease was eradicated in 1980. It has been tested in 359 healthy humans with no severe side effects.

The Trump administration provides more details on Trump’s drug policy ideas. The proposal includes importing drugs, changing drug rebates, lowering the price Medicare pays for new drugs, a biosimilar plan, and more drugs available over the counter.

Researchers want to gather data from medical records and insurance billing information to improve treatments and identify new uses for drugs. However, current records can lack some basic information, such as whether a person is alive or dead, questioning the value of combing through massive medical records for useful information.

Scientists explore cancer rates in animal species such as elephants, naked mole rats, and dogs to gain better insight into cancer causes and treatments. Elephants, having many more cells than humans and living between 60-70 years, rarely get cancer bringing into question the correlation between a species’ size and/or longevity and the risk for cancer.

What is Affecting Your Health?


Healthcare only affects 10% of your health. So what is influencing the rest?

A chart illustrating determinants of health: 40% individual behaviors, 20% social and environmental factors, 30% genetic factors, 10% healthcare

Together these factors make up your complete health and we manage it all with MedCompass.

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