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2018 March newsletter, the heavy burden of chronic conditions.

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California’s new drug transparency law is beginning to take effect. Drug companies are required to disclose cost components and give major purchasers a 60 day’s notice of any significant price increase. It is unclear whether this law will pressure drug companies to keep costs low, but other states, such as Oregon, are beginning to follow suit.

Cybersecurity was a popular topic at the HIMSS 2018 conference. The survey released at the conference revealed that a majority of healthcare organizations faced a security incident the previous year. Most of the attacks being identifiable threat actors, such as negligent insiders and hackers.

The FDA approved a smart continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) that can alert patients up to 60 minutes in advance of potential high or low glucose incidents. In the clinical study, the system accurately alerted patients to 98.5% of hypoglycemic events.

New technologies have shown promise in utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and computational image analysis coupled with new insights into how cancer works to help with lung cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and best treatment. Researchers hope the use of advanced imaging, during clinical trails, will result in more precise ways of knowing which patients are more likely to experience recurrence.

Uber announces new Uber Health app to provide patients with transportation to and from hospitals and doctor’s appointments. Healthcare providers can order rides for their patients and patient’s without smartphones can still receive messages/alerts through text messages or phone calls.

The Heavy Burden of Chronic Conditions

Chronic health conditions are a heavy burden on the people living with them as well as the healthcare system. The number of people with three or more chronic conditions is projected to increase from 30.8 million in 2015 to 83.4 million in 2030, if left unaddressed.(2) As the prevalence of chronic conditions continues increasing the cost of treating these patients will also increase. Patients with 5 or more chronic conditions make up 12% of the population, but account for 41% of healthcare spending.(1) This makes it vital for payers, providers, and care coordinators to implement intelligent solutions targeted at curbing these staggering costs.

The heavy burden of chronic conditions infographic.

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