Underlying our core philosophy is the belief that effective care
management through the use of technology can directly and positively
affect the social, ethical, and financial health of the country and its

Through MedCompass®, our care coordination solution, AssureCare®
works with organizations to improve patient satisfaction, reduce costs
associated with healthcare and enhance patient care.

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AssureCare’s® President and CEO Slated to Present at February World

MedCompass’s® Featured “Module of the Month” – CASE MANAGEMENT

We Invite You to Get to Know Us Better – Learn About our Diverse Team

AssureCare’s® President and CEO Presenting at the World Congress on
Social Determinants of Health and
How to Optimize Care Coordination
Through Innovative Technology

AssureCare’s® President and CEO, Dr. Yousuf J.
Ahmad, DrPH,MHSA, MBA, FACHE, recognized for
leading large health systems in developing ACO’s and
advancing their population health management
initiatives, will be explaining how crucial it is to have
technology that can keep up with the increasing demands from providers, payers and state agencies at February’s upcoming World Congress.

The World Congress 10th Annual Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) Summit is set to take place February 27-28, 2017 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.

Dr. Ahmad will discuss:

  • How to best utilize demographic information not covered by traditional EMRs to analyze and address social determinants of health that impact the delivery of care.
  • How a modular, highly configurable care coordination platform assists states
    in coordinating care for their members.
  • How to assess the way in which state Medicaid agencies can better assist
    with managed care plans and providers to assimilate data.
  • How to successfully coordinate care management using a database that
    integrates member and provider data.
  • How to use data to evaluate the enrollment process, authorizations, and to
    understand history and trends to best prepare for serving different populations.

MedCompass’s Featured
“Module of the Month” –


Case management may take many
forms – from managing multiple transitions of
care for a member to linking a member with community resources. MedCompass® allows you to assess, coordinate and plan collaboratively.


Our revolutionary technology was originally built in partnership with the Case Management Society of America.

Our unique approach facilitates proactive care management through a fully integrated database of consumer and provider information. MedCompass coordinates all
interactions using collaborative workflow management. It supports the real-time communication of information between all members of the care team, inside
and outside the four walls of traditional healthcare settings.

MedCompass’s® resources include:

  • Needs assessments
  • Care planning
  • Home and community-based treatment plans
  • Third party integration
  • Alerts, triggers, notifications
  • Reporting, dashboards, analytics
  • Appeals and grievances
  • Authorization requests

MedCompass® automatically generates system and user created tasks for specific
activities while tracking timeliness of task completion. The system allows users to
quickly review their outstanding tasks for the day, as well as flag tasks such as follow-up actions weeks in advance.

These activities can be established during implementation and added/edited/removed while in production to support the organizations current business processes.

MedCompass® is modular and highly configurable, allowing organizations to implement case management services to establish, maintain, and govern core business processes and manage case management activities.

Additionally, efficiency and effectiveness are increased through the configurability of MedCompass®, as each organization can document and govern the treatment plans and business processes that are the most effective for their population. All of this allows the care team members to spend less time navigating technology and more time providing quality care to more patients.

(Some of the AssureCare® staff enjoying the celebration of Diwali in November 2016.)

We Invite You to Get to Know Us Better

Without our diversity, AssureCare® would not exist today…

AssureCare’s employees come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our staff includes employees from all regions of the world. Talk to any one of us and you will find out that we are from very interesting and diverse places, including but not limited to: the United Arab Emirates, India, China, Pakistan and a variety of states throughout North America.

AssureCare® is a Vora Group company, and the Vora Group is also well known for
diversity and inclusion within its portfolio of companies. We pride ourselves not only our diverse technical knowledge and backgrounds, but we also pride ourselves on taking an interest in one another’s cultures and backgrounds.

Each of us at AssureCare® like to take a few minutes of our day to ask each other how their families are, how their family vacations were, where we are from originally, and when we plan to go back to visit family or friends next.

Our diverse group of people are also encouraged to take care of our own health. After all, at AssureCare®, our focus is on bettering patient health worldwide. Our interest in a healthy work environment is clear. We are encouraged to use our lunch breaks to workout at the gym across the street or to enjoy fresh fruit supplied by our company. We even have the stress relief of escaping our work for a few minutes when our virtual gaming room is open on occasion.

With our open-air office space, we support personal dialogue between employees.
Camaraderie and human interest makes our company stand out as an enjoyable place to work, a place to share our diverse ideas and grow in both our business and personal lives.

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