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2017 November Newsletter: AssureCare develops new MTM module, part 1.

Monthly Healthcare Buzz…


On November 13th, the FDA announced approval for the first use of a digital pill that monitors a patient’s medication intake. The ingestible sensor sends a signal to a wearable patch which passes it on to a mobile app.


Amazon considers entering the pharmacy space. Some pharmaceutical companies welcome the prospect of Amazon challenging the current system with technological improvements.


Senate Republicans have decided to include a change to the Affordable Care Act in their tax bill proposing a repeal for requiring most American’s to have health insurance.


The American Heart Association released new high blood pressure guidelines. Hypertension is now defined as above 130 over 80 instead of the previous 140 over 90.


CMS announced 18 areas the new Meaningful Measures program will track. The goal is to alleviate burdensome paperwork and refocus on meaningful patient outcomes and improved communication.

AssureCare® Develops New Medication Therapy Management Module, Part 1

“Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a patient-centric and comprehensive approach to improve medication use, reduce the risk of adverse events, and improve medication adherence.”(2) Pharmacists and other providers review a patient’s complete medication history including prescription, nonprescription, traditional, alternative, nutritional supplements, and vitamins. This information is then used to improve compliance and adherence to chronic medications, review side effects and drug interactions, address potential issues to the providers, and educate the patients. Medication mismanagement and medication-related problems lead to an estimated, “1.5 million preventable adverse events occur[ing] each year that result in $177 billion in injury and death.”(1) MTM services are targeted to lower these alarmingly high rates and improve patient outcomes. “In all my healthcare experience I have found that pharmacists are the most underutilized healthcare professionals in America given the depth and breadth of their training. Our solution will allow pharmacists to spend more quality time with their patients in optimizing their medication therapy.” said Dr. Yousuf J. Ahmad, President & CEO of AssureCare®.


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