Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are a driving force in caring for both urban and rural populations throughout the United States. As of 2015, over 24 million Americans were cared for by providers employed by FQHCs. With ever increasing co-morbidities, care management and disease management solutions are needed more than ever.

MedCompass® allows care coordinators, case managers, providers, and administrators to manage their patients’ chronic diseases, reduce patient costs and enhance patient satisfaction. It provides a foundation for FQHCs to reach and surpass their quality benchmarks while providing a streamlined way of reporting them. A powerful, cost-effective solution.

An infographic of Health Center statistics in America: over 1,400 Health Centers and more than 9,800 delivery sites. Serving the underserved with essential care: 71% population at 100% federal poverty line and below. Providing proper health care while increasing cost savings: $24 billion annual health system savings and over 25 million patients cared for as of 2017.

National Association of Community Health Centers

MedCompass Healthcare Care Management Platform

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