Pharmacists Playing a Vital Role in the Healthcare System

Pharmacists supply prescription drugs, identify and monitor drug interactions, advise patients, provide case management services and more. You provide the medication expertise in a patient’s care team, monitoring your patient’s health and progress. Our modular care management software solution, MedCompass®, is the ideal tool for your specialty or retail pharmacy in managing and advising your health population. Patient-centered Medication Therapy Management (MTM), established as a part of Medicare Part D, presents an opportunity for pharmacists to expand patient care roles in addition to receiving reimbursement for their services. MedCompass® offers your pharmacy MTM tools such as 90 Day Refill, face-to-face, call center integration, prior authorizations, and more.


Improving care with Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Proper implementation of MTM is a win-win-win for patients, providers, and payers. Traditional MTM can be a very manual, high energy, low return experience for many pharmacies, but MedCompass® streamlines this process to decrease time invested and increase monetary returns. Part D Medicare eligible patients can benefit from chronic disease management assessments and drug monitoring to prevent potentially life-threatening drug interactions. AssureCare® is expanding the role of care management functionality to include all aspects of pharmacy and medication management, including specialty pharmacy, retail pharmacy and chronic disease management. This includes the development of MTM services such as Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR), Targeted Medication Reviews (TMR), Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR), Adherence, 90 Day Refill, face-to-face, call center integration, and more. MedCompass’® holistic care view allows an organization to manage a member’s life more regularly, efficiently, and thoroughly while returning time and savings to the organization.


MTM features include:

  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR)
  • Targeted Medication Reviews (TMR)
  • Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR)
  • Medication Action Plan Assessment and Review
  • Personal Medication Record Review
  • Call center integration
  • Improved care team and member communication
  • 90 Day Refill
  • Adherence

Reporting Capabilities:

  • Medicare Part D11 – High Risk Medication
  • Medicare Part D12 – Medication Adherence for Diabetes Medications
  • Medicare Part D13 – Medication Adherence for Hypertension (RAS Antagonists)
  • Medicare Part D14 – Medication Adherence for Cholesterol (Statins)
  • Medicare Part D15 – MTM Program Completion Rate for CMR
  • Adherence
  • Drug-Drug Interaction
  • Lack of Efficacy
  • Lack of Therapy
  • Duplicate Therapy
  • High-Risk Medication
  • Inappropriate Dosage
  • Excessive Use

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