Chronic conditions are a heavy burden on the people living with them as well as the healthcare system. People with multiple chronic conditions account for a higher percentage of healthcare spending making it vital for care coordinators to implement intelligent Utilization and Case Management software. AssureCare® is a Full Enterprise Clinical Case Management Software Platform delivering the world’s leading modular health and care management software, MedCompass®.

Source: Buttorff, Christine, Teague Ruder and Melissa Bauman. Multiple Chronic Conditions in the United States. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2017.

MedCompass® offers solutions for managing these chronic populations and reducing costs. Chronic care management software allows you to track a member’s care plan across the full continuum of care. Collaborative care connects all members of a care team so the right information gets to the right people. Perform and review assessments to create the best care plan for each individual patient. Leveraging medical reviews helps practitioners improve performance and outcomes while optimizing cost reduction. MedCompass® supports health coaching and lifestyle tracking to help chronic care patients take a more active role in their well-being.

We progress healthcare innovation by combining the expertise of medical professionals with our team of highly talented technologists to create adaptable, modular solutions that improve member outcomes with our MedCompass® population health management software suite. MedCompass® equips healthcare payers and providers with the tools they need to care effectively and efficiently for their members. Our customizable solutions excel in Disease Management (DM), Case Management (CM), Utilization Management (UM), population health management, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), and health assessment tools to identify problems and automate care planning.

The MedCompass® Software Suite undergoes intense user testing out in the field, as a team of medical professionals: social workers, pharmacists, doctors, providers, and payers work with creative innovators to ensure a stellar user experience for real world scenarios and workflows. MedCompass® has been developed to be a fully configurable and an open modular platform allowing for greater interoperability between existing and new systems. The flexible design makes it a perfect match for any health organization as it cares for its community.

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From utilization management to population health management and care management solutions, MedCompass® has it all.

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